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Thursday December 1st

Dear Friend,

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Texas Holdem Poker Cards

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As you read further down this page, you will begin to understand just how easy it is to win at Sit'n'Go poker tournaments.

If you've looked for information about playing poker online before, you'll know that real information is hard to find. Sure, you'll find brief articles outlining the basics. But the information that you truly need to know in order to change from being a fish, eaten up by the sharks almost every time you play... well, that's nowhere near as easy to find.

I had the same problem.

Eventually, after several years of watching my online bank balance sink lower and lower, I decided enough was enough. I simply had to find out what I needed to do in order to conistently win online poker tournaments.

After all, when you think about it logically, on average, everyone in every game of poker has the exact same chance of winning. We all get dealt good hands. We all get dealt bad hands. Over the course of an average tournament, every single person on the table will have an equal chance of winning. Yet some people regularly win and others regularly lose.

Wouldn't you like to move to the winning side of the table?

Your poker winnings?

That's exactly what you'll be doing when you follow the simple, step-by-step instructions in this brand new guide How To Win Online Poker Tournaments.

This isn't like the general books on poker you can buy at places like Amazon. They're mostly written about playing poker in the real world, against real people who are sitting across the table. Things like "tells" are important in this kind of game. But online games are different. They're faster moving. You can't see the expression on the other person's face. One of the few things you can tell is how quick or slow they are to play each hand. But that could be for any number of reasons - they could really be thinking about what to do next. But equally they could also be chatting to someone else at home or work, sending an instant message to a friend or making themselves a cup of coffee. You just don't know. So you can't use most of the information contained in most of the books you'll find elsewhere.

Do you want to win more money playing poker?

By following the simple rules in this brand new manual, you'll be able to do just that!

Poker winners don't win by luck!

They win by consistently following a set of simple rules that tilts the odds heavily in their favor - even when they get dealt a "bad" hand. It comes down to what you know and how you play the cards you're dealt. I'll explain everything you need to know to transform your game!

Still not convinced that the cards you get dealt are pure luck?

Take this simple test:

Royal Flush
  • Get a pack of cards and shuffle them.
  • Deal out two Texas Hold 'Em hands
  • Jot down the winner
  • Repeat this process
  • Once you've dealt, say, 40 hands, check how many times you have won and how many times your "opponent" has won

Chances are that you won about half the hands and lost the other half.

This book covers everything there is to know about online poker playing. In fact, some people have called it the "Online Poker Bible"!

In fact, it's almost like having your very own online poker expert sitting next to you. You can ask any questions you like about playing online Texas Hold 'Em. Any time you need to! Since it's a manual, you can double and triple check the answers you get. Anytime you're not sure, just look up the answer!

Inside this guide, you'll uncover a wide array of tips and tricks that will improve your online poker playing by leaps and bounds!

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  • Discover how playing against maniacs can be super-profitable!
  • Why you should change tactics mid-game to virtually ensure that you end up as a winner.
  • The secret to not being knocked out on the bubble.
  • When to steal blinds from under other players noses.
  • When you absolutely must bet pre-flop.
  • When you must never bet pre-flop. This tactic alone could save you $$$.
  • How to recover from a short stack problem.
  • When to show your cards when you win a game.
  • When you should pretend to be a fish to win big later in the game.
  • How to stop turning into a fish every time you become chip leader.
  • Which playing style to adopt and when.
  • When you should play tight and when you'll make more money by playing loose.
  • When it pays to engage in table chat and when you should keep your views to yourself.
  • Discover how to properly use the squeezing technique.
  • How to adjust your speed of play to keep up with the high rollers.
  • Learn the proper use of check boxes and auto plays.
  • Find out how to keep easy track of your opponents fold and flop percentages.
  • Use this big blind technique to your advantage.

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When you buy this manual before Sunday December 4th, I'm also going to give you an hour long video completely free of charge so you can watch exactly how I win at poker.

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For instance, my Ready Reckoner will show you that if you're holding a pair of 2's in a head to head, you're likely to get beaten about half of the time. That instant knowledge will give you an advantage over your opponent and could even win you the game!

This Poker Starting Hands Ranks Ready Reckoner is absolutely free with my compliments when you buy How To Win Online Poker Tournaments today.

Print it out or keep it on screen while you're playing poker.

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When you buy this manual before Sunday December 4th, I'm going to give you completely free of charge my own personal Poker Starting Hands Ranks Ready Reckoner.

This is different from the percentage ready reckoner as it shows you how far up (or down) your hand is out of all the possible hands you can get dealt.

For instance, 7-2 unsuited is usually known as the worst hand but actually it isn't. There are 4 hands that are even worse than 7-2 unsuited!

This Poker Starting Hands Ranks Ready Reckoner is useful in the earlier stages of the game, when you're competing against more players. You can see exactly how well ranked your starting hand is and can then use that information to decide whether to foldc check or raise before the flop.

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This is similar to the Poker Starting Hands Ranks Ready Reckoner except that I've color coded it for ease of use.

At a glance, you'll be able to tell whether the hand you've been dealt is in the top 20% of all possible hands or, if it isn't in the top 20%, which bracket of hands it falls into.

I've used 5 separate colors in this ready reckoner, so you'll be able to instantly see whether your hand is in the top 20% of all hands, whether it has a 60% to 80% chance of winning, a 40% to 60% chance of winning, a 20% to 40% chance or if it's languishing in the bottom 20% of hands that you could be dealt.

A lot of of my friends tell me that they find this color coding the easiest method of all to understand. Especially as I've used the color green for the best hands all the way down to red for the most dangerous starting hands.

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Online Poker Tells

When you buy this manual before Sunday December 4th, you'll also get my Complete Guide To Online Poker Tells completely free of charge so you can gain the upper hand on your opponents.

Although it's harder to spot tells online, there are some tell tale signs that you can look out for which will help you to judge your opponents hands.

Discover how you can use the speed your opponents play to learn more about their hands than they'd like you to.

Use the information in this handy guide to make sure that you aren't giving away more about your hands than you want to.

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Here's to you and to starting your extremely successful Online Poker career!

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