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How To Win Online Poker Tournaments

Win Texas Hold'Em Tournaments - Instant Download

How To Win Online Poker Tournaments
Comprehensive poker guide and an hour long video of a complete poker tournament and much more!

Win Texas Hold'Em Tournaments - Instant Download
Complete guide to winning your next Texas Hold'em tournament, hour long poker tournament video, spotting online poker tells and more.

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{!firstname_fix} Now you can win online poker tournaments regularly

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Hi {!firstname_fix}

I'm often asked how I'm almost always in the money when I play
online poker tournaments.

It's not that I get better cards than anyone else - that's not possible.
It's how I play my games that makes the difference.

If winning at poker was truly random then you should be in the
money roughly 30% of the tournaments you play.

I'd like to bet that you're not at that level.

I've just discovered a new poker book that deals exclusively with
playing online Texas Hold'em tournaments. It goes through the
details of playing online and crucially it looks at the differences
between playing poker online. Most regular books concentrate on
playing poker face-to-face with your opponents, which is a totally
different experience.

You can check it out here:

The author is regularly in the money in the tournaments he plays.
For a limited number of people, he's prepared to show you the tips
and tricks he uses. Obviously this offer can't go on for ever, otherwise
too many people would know these poker secrets and then we'd all
be back to square one.

The author of "How To Win Online Poker Tournaments"
has released his new book and if you're one of the first to purchase it
you'll also get to watch how he uses the various techniques in a
complete online poker tournament.

The video shows the complete game from start to finish and the beauty
of watching videos online is that you can easily pause or rewind them
at the click of a mouse. So if you're not exactly certain what happened
or if you simply want to watch a particular hand again, it's quick and
simple to do.

There's also a selection of poker hand charts that you get as extra
bonuses. These are great to print out and have by your side when
you're playing. They really are "at a glance" charts that
will show you your chance of winning any hand you've been dealt.
They work at any stage of the game and there's even a special chart
that you can use when you reach the critical head to head stage.

Amongst other things, "How To Win Online Poker Tournaments"

* Playing poker to win, rather than just be in the money.
* How to reduce the chance of misreading your cards.
* How to recover from a short stack problem.
* Which playing style to adopt and when.
* The proper use of check boxes and auto plays.

There's also a free guide about online poker tells - they're different
from real life tells as you can't see your opponents face to face, but
they still exist. You can use this simple guide to quickly work out your
opponents tells and also to make sure that you're not giving away
too much information yourself.

Check out this brand new guide to winning online poker tournaments

Best wishes,

Your Name

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{!firstname_fix} That poker winning guide I told you about

E-mail Message:

Hi {!firstname_fix}

A few days ago, I told you about a site that is offering a complete
guide to winning online poker tournaments.

The guide concentrates on winning, rather than settling for being
in the money.

It's written clearly, so that even novice poker players can use the
tips and tricks it reveals. So you could be on your way to winning
your next online poker tournament almost as soon as you download
the guide.

In case you missed my previous email, the online poker guide covers:

* Playing poker to win, rather than just be in the money.
* How to reduce the chance of misreading your cards.
* How to recover from a short stack problem.
* Which playing style to adopt and when.
* The proper use of check boxes and auto plays.

There's also an hour long video of a complete poker tournament so
that you can watch over the shoulder of the book's author and see
exactly how he wins the tournament. Watching someone else play a
poker tournament is a great way to learn quickly - you will pick up lots
of tricks just by watching the bonus video.

All you need to do to get your instant download is to go to:

Best wishes

Your Name

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How To Win Online Poker Tournaments

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How To Win Online Poker Tournaments

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How to Win Online Poker Tournaments Review

Blog post:

I've just been checking out a brand new guide on how to win online Texas Hold'em Tournaments.

It claims to give you lots of poker secrets that will help you to get in the money when you play Sit'n'Go poker tournaments.

I get a lot of these offers and was naturally quite skeptical. After all, if the guy really does win near enough every poker tournament he plays, why would he bother to sell a guide on how to do it? I get this kind of email most every day and to be honest, most of them are either complete rubbish or a re-hash of stuff that you can easily learn from any of the main poker sites.

Although the first thing I should have done when I got the product was read the book, I prefer to take short cuts if I can. So after downloading the book and sending it to my printer to read later (I hate reading stuff online - I find it easier to make notes on paper), I then set off to watch the bonus video that comes with this product.

The video is nearly an hour long, so I brewed a cup of coffee to drink while I was watching it.

The game is easy to watch and you can see every hand that Rick plays - nothing is edited out. I was surprised by a few of his plays but he went on to easily win the tournament. Online video makes it easy to rewind if you get interrupted or miss something on screen.

After I'd watched the video, I went on to examine the manual for the tips and tricks it explains. I knew some of them already, but that's not too surprising as I'm not a total poker novice. But a few of the tips were new to me, which was most definitely a surprise.

The good news for me is that since I've been using these new tips, I've been winning more regularly. Which is a really good sign!

How to Win Online Poker Tournaments is currently available at:

... so you may want to go over there and get a copy for yourself now.

I almost forgot to mention, one of the other bonuses is a report on online poker tells. Once I read this, I realized that I'd been giving away more than I intended when I was playing Texas Hold'em tournaments - rest assured that I've changed my style so that I'm playing with a true poker face online now!

For any poker newbies, there's also a series of handy charts included to show the best hands to play. If you've been playing poker online for a few years, you probably won't need these much (although it's always good to refresh your memory) but if you've only played a few poker games on line, you could do worse than follow the author's suggestion of printing them out and keeping them handy until you start to memorize them automatically.

Instead of a guide that I was fully expecting to be the normal trash, this guide on How To Win Online Poker Tournaments definitely makes my "recommended" list.

You can get your copy now from:

Any questions, feel free to contact me at rick @